DHA Phase 2, KarachiFull-time

Full Stack Developer

A reliable web services company, that delivers results consistently and rapidly to businesses all around the globe.

What do we expect?

  • Minimum 1 - 2 years of hands-on development experience.
  • Self-learner, with the ability to absorb new knowledge quickly and effectively
  • Motivated to work and maintain high productivity levels
  • Knowledge of Git / GitHub and management tools such as Trello and Slack.
  • Someone who is a problem solver, team worker and pays attention to detail

What you can expect:

  • Market competitive salary package
  • Employee self-growth advantages through weekly workshops
  • Bonuses for good performance
  • Great company culture
  • Fast-paced, young start-up environment where you'll grow with us.
  • Popular online courses if required for the job.
  • Networking opportunities in the field, both locally and internationally.

Technical requirements for Full Stack Developer:

  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Experience with ReactJS
  • React Hooks, Redux, Router, Context
  • High comfortability with APIs
  • Experience in multiple databases
  • MongoDB/MySQL
  • Experience with Git and GitHub

How to apply

Link your live demos or screenshots, as well as your Github profile. Please send your CV, cover letter at hr@zenveus.com, with the subject line: [YOUR_NAME | POSITION]

All other applications will be rejected.